Customer reviews are a great way to market your business, and they work in almost any medium. In this set of articles, we will take a look at a few different types of customer reviews and some of the details to keep in mind to maximize their effectiveness, whether you're using them to market back massagers or other services such as getting your HST rebate information like that from Rental Rebate for example. To start off, we will talk about the customer review as it is used in commercials.

The great thing about commercials is that the audience has limited options when they are on. Either they can switch channels, or they just put up with watching or listening to the commercial. This means that you don't have to put a whole lot of effort into grabbing customer attention with a customer review centred commercial. This is just as well because, let's face it, these reviews tend to be quite earthy in nature. They are trying to validate a product through identification with the target audience, rather than through entertainment. A real estate client looking through listings would appreciate hearing reviews from home owners. A mother wants to talk to other mothers who have hired from a nanny agency just like a businessman wants to see the cost effectiveness of a certain software from others who have succeeded through using it.

Although a business using a commercial setting to use a customer review does not have to worry so much about grabbing attention, it does have to worry about time frame. Air time is fairly expensive, in both radio and in television. That means your customer review ad has to be designed with time in mind.

To fit a good customer review into your ad, you have to strip everything down to the essentials. Television works great, because you can supplement the audio parts of the review with the visual. You don't even need to have the reviewer introduce him or herself; you can just include the name down at the bottom of the screen. All that is really necessary with television is a one liner about how appreciative of the product, such as suction diffusers the customer is; you will probably even find that you can fit more than one review into a slot, and that gives more punch to your statements.

With radio commercials, you do have to make the audio presentation count for everything. Most of the time, one customer review per ad will be all you can get in, so make sure that review hits every point you need covered. In summary, some products will rely heavily on customer reviews. A eco friendly product will need to have plenty of good reviews from previous users in order to sell the product to the public who is environmentally conscience.

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