Facts and Stats

While there are some who debate the relative merits of any type of marketing strategy, no one can deny the power of figures when it comes to proving a point. That is why we are including a section about facts and stats on our customer review page.

Facts and stats can help to flesh out any argument that is being made. For example, most of us know intuitively that response to certain types of advertising, such as reviews, are better than others. Hearing that a car is good from a friend is helpful, so is hearing that a realtor in Oshawa is fair and good. However, intuition is not enough to go on when one is considering a marketing approach that not only costs money, but also attempts to increase the sales of a product by some amount determined by the business.

This section of the site is dedicated to not only understanding the effectiveness of customer reviews as demonstrated by the numbers, but also to outline which type of reviews work best in different situations. For example, are there benefits in using gender specific reviews or age specific reviews when promoting a product? Will there be a different response based on the medium used when it comes to the customer review, as in should a company selling software only use online mediums, and can that result be used to appeal to a certain demographic? This can be the case with several things. Would immigrants who speak little English feel better trusting an estate agent in Canada who has been helped by someone else from their country? Or, do companies looking for business card printing only want suggestions from other like businesses?

These are some important questions to consider before one starts designing a customer review based marketing campaign, and we are betting that the numbers we provide will help you solidify your approach.

Of course, a good article does more than just provide you with bare bones numbers. In the material here, you can expect to see some facts on why the stats tend to work the way they do. The great thing about marketing is that, due to the amount of money involved, there is probably no greater area of research (at least in a capitalist society). That means for every technique, and every variation within that technique, there is available analysis out there explaining why some things work and why some things do not.

It is likely that you will find the facts that flesh out the stats to be of a lot of use in your practical application of customer reviews. Many times, once entrepreneurs are given access to lines of information they are able to make adjustments or improvements that improve our understanding of the marketing process. If you find that the information contained in these articles helps you, or you find a way to overcome certain limitations suggested by the available research, we would love to hear about it. For instance, if you found that a tip for the toilet pumper truck selling website also worked for your septic truck company, let us know! It could be beneficial to both businesses.

For now, look for the cutting edge, as far as research into the effectiveness of the customer review in various promotional circumstances, in our articles. Stats and facts don't have to be boring, and when it comes to determining the effectiveness of a marketing technique every business owner should be interested in what the figures have to say. It can be fascinating to find out why people choose one realtor over another. We will bring you that information over a variety of different areas so that you can determine the best approach to customer review marketing for your business.

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