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If there's one thing that will tank your company's customer reviews faster than bad products, it's a bad website. If you've got a confusing website it doesn't matter how great your products are compared to the competition. No one's going to buy any. The sad fact is for every great company website on the internet today there are probably a hundred bad ones, and it's unnecessary because the problems are so easy to fix. To keep your website off the naughty list, follow these simple tips on website design.

Unless You're Selling Ibuprofen, Don't Give Them a Headache

Sure-fire ways to cause customer headaches include: confusing or un intuitive site navigation, overly bright colors, fancy fonts, animated icons, and background music. Keep the flashy kitsch to a minimum and focus on the essentials: getting your message across. Functional add-ons, like an application that helps you make your house plans virtually or a paint swatch color matcher are fine, just make sure they help showcase your product rather than drown it underneath cheap theatrics. You don't want your customers thinking your work can't stand on its own.

Assume Your Customers Have the Attention Spans of Chimps

So nix that fifteen page explanation of how buying quality artwork is going to affect your customer's portfolio. Your customers' attention is going to wander after the first line and keep going from there. To keep them focused, the only information that needs to be on your website is the description of your product or service and how the customer can go about buying it. If you really must post peripheral or related information, make sure it's not taking precedence over what's really important.

Add Services for Shut-ins and the Chronically Friendless

This means if it's at all possible to add a function that allows customers to book services or order products online, DO IT. Many people today, especially the up-and-coming generations, are extremely phone shy and are much more likely to inquire if there's a contact email rather than a phone number. The added revenue from setting up online payment service and the shipping account with the post office you'll need to distribute your product will be more than covered by the added revenue you'll get.

Those Who Can Do, Those Who Can't Hire

If you want a virtual tour on your website but can't program in computer code, DO NOT settle for slapping up a couple of pictures in HTML. People expect high end products to have high end websites, so if you're computer illiterate it's well worth your while to hire someone who is not to design the site. Don't cheap out on a domain name and go with ad-loaded free hosting either. It will just make you look cheap. Shell out the money for a website name that's appropriate. It's worth it.

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