Neighbourhood Recommendation

Before you go shopping for a brand new television set or car you probably read as many reviews as possible before leaving your piece of real estate in London and heading on down to the electronics store or car dealership. You want to know what people think of the product before you buy it so you can make an informed decision. You also want to know if there is any negative feedback that may save you from buying an ineffective television set or a lemon of a car. Unfortunately when shopping for houses for in sale you don't have that type of luxury.

The only reviews you can get are from the people that lived in the home and for the most part they aren't going to say too many negative things. They are trying to sell you on buying their property. Which means you have to rely on your own eyes to guide you and any home inspection reports you commission. However, there are other aspects of the home in which you can seek out recommendations. Such as the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood you choose to live in is just as important as the house you're going to buy.

Which means you should try to get as many neighbourhood recommendations as possible for the homes you're browsing in the real estate brochure. If you really have your eyes set on a particular home in a certain area of town but aren't sure about what the neighbourhood is like go out and ask someone who lives in the neighbourhood. If you want to know about things like the crime rate, the noise level and local parks just ask.

They're potentially going to be your new neighbour so why wouldn't they want to help? Your real estate agent can provide you with as much information about the neighbourhood as possible but unless they live there it's not first hand experience. A report on local crime might not have all the facts. You wouldn't look at homes in listings without asking questions about it so why would you buy a house without asking the people who live in the neighbourhood what that area of town is really like?

It's the closest thing to a product review you're going to get. So, whatever it is you want to know about the neighbourhood you might move in to, be it how far the nearest grocery store is or what the schools are like, just go ahead and direct your questions to your potential new neighbours. If you like the answers you hear and you do move in you've already introduced yourself. Which is another added bonus.

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