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Of all the types of customer reviews that can be used to market your product, perhaps none is quite as flexible and useful as the Internet report. This type of review is easy to put together, cheap to make, and can be used in a number of different areas.

What is an Internet report customer review?

Remember the reports you did on various topics back in high school? An Internet report takes the same form, but it will be posted on the World Wide Web rather than handed in to a teacher. For example, if you want to locate a business all you need to do is look at any reports you find online and read the reviews.

Internet reports are text documents posted in different places on the Web. A customer review Internet report is a document that talks about a specific customer and his or her experience with your business. It could be written with businesses in mind, say to market services such as botox for a certain demographic. Maybe you're trying to reach customers overseas who are looking for employment through a temporary foreign worker program.


The great thing about this customer review approach is that it can be as short or as long as you want it to be. Generally, if people start reading an Internet report, it indicates that they are interested in the subject matter at hand. What that means for your business is that the potential customer is close to converting to a sale, she just wants a bit more information before making her decision. Maybe you're on the short list for a major deal selling industrial supplies or can ensure that a working mother chooses your baby products over the others available to her.

Because the potential customer is making the decision about whether or not to take in the customer review, you have a certain amount of flexibility when you post it. For example, you might have a full customer review of about 500 words about your product. You don't have to put the whole thing right on your homepage. Instead, pick a couple of the strongest lines and post them in brief, with a link that leads to the full review. A homepage for a company, let's use the website of Dr. Perry Sugar DDS as an example, promoting something like dental care will most likely be more effective if it is not overly cluttered with text. Most of the time, you will find that potential customers who are close to converting will read the whole review after seeing the highlights.

As with any form of customer review, you want to make sure that the viewer knows that the Internet report came from a real person. A picture and name beside the short statement and with the longer one are useful when it comes to building trust with a possible conversion. If a potential customer is looking for something it will be reassuring to see the face of someone who was helped by your company.

The best thing about written Internet report customer reviews is that they strip the entertainment factor out of the marketing equation. They are designed purely as vehicles of information, intended for people who are already close to using your product or service.

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