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When it comes to customer reviews in 21st century advertising, businesses have a lot of choices as far as the mediums they can use to put the important marketing strategy to work. We are taking a look at the types of reviews one can use today, and some of the details involved with those types. Below, we take a look at customer reviews using Internet video.

Up until just a couple of years ago, visual customer reviews were limited to just one marketing medium, and that was television. Therefore, a company selling bathroom faucets for example had to rely solely on the television medium. The greater capacity of the Internet, including the faster download times for most users, has now allowed video marketing strategies to be used online. This means that businesses wishing to use a visual medium to put forward their customer review marketing don't need to worry about the huge costs involved with television marketing. If you're marketing something relatively specific like private lenders in Toronto for instance; this might open up some marketing doors that were otherwise not accessible to your company.

That's not to say, however, that Internet video types of customer review are entirely cost free. While viral marketing strategies cost no more than production, posting a video review to a website (including your own) may end up costing you money (although keep in mind the costs will be nowhere near what they would be if you were to advertise on television). Also, a business owner must be practical. If you're selling a sanding tool, a video may not be the most effective way of reaching your target audience.

A good customer review using Internet video will be determined by the way you are posting that video. A real estate agent would best meet the buyers needs by showing a virtual tour of the home on the Internet video. Unlike television advertising, there is nothing to guarantee that most people visiting a site will see your video review. Even on your own site, you have to design the video so that it holds the interest of a potential client. That doesn't mean it has to be entertaining, necessarily, but it does need to cover the basics of your business and do so as briefly as possible. Internet users are capricious with their time and you need to be mindful of that when putting an Internet video customer review together.

On the other hand, viral marketing tends to be all about entertainment. Don't despair; from words on walls home appliques to baseball cards, you can make any product entertaining through a little bit of creativity. The idea behind viral video marketing is that people will pass the video along to others, creating maximum exposure for your business.

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