Types of Reviews

In any area of marketing, there are going to be several different approaches that work more effectively given certain considerations. This site, of course, is dedicated to the burgeoning customer review marketing tactic. In this section we will be taking a look at several different types of customer reviews and in which situation they work best.

As an overview, we are going to break down some of the criteria by which we will divide up the different types of review. We will leave suggestions as to where these reviews work best, or if they are effective at all, to the articles you will find in this site. Basically, this page is looking to give people curious about customer reviews a skeletal framework upon which further ideas can be developed.

The first categorization for the different types of customer reviews is the way in which the reviewer is represented, or the customer's identity. The age, sex, name, and location of the customer who offers the review are all a part of the identity category. You might not want to use the review of a teenage girl to help sell luxury condos, but it may help a company selling a smartphone case. How these are applied within the identification of the customer with the product also comes into play when review types are categorized. The information disclosed in this type of review depends not only on the medium in which the review is presented, but also on the wishes of the person who did the review. Plus, we will take a look at some finicky details about this type of review and include cautions against abusing the principle.

The medium

As we have already stated, the medium a company uses to advertise a product or service will also be at the heart of selecting the appropriate type of review they can use. Different mediums offer specific opportunities when it comes to customer reviews, as well as certain weaknesses. Articles talking about medium specific types of reviews will focus on the power of certain reviews in certain situations, and how to compensate for some of the shortcomings. For example, a company like mold assessment and inspectors, checking homes in New York may get more use out of a web posted review than a review on their phonebook ad.

The message

Reviews can also be sorted according to what type of message they wish to convey, not only about the product but also about the customer. Language, length, and approach will all factor into the message portion of review types. This may be one of the most important determinants of the type of review you use, as the way the message is presented almost always establishes which demographic a marketing campaign is targeting, as well as sending a message as to how much that specific product or service is worth.

When it comes to customer reviews, one size certainly does not fit all campaigns. Knowing which types of reviews are available, how they can work to promote your business, and where they are best used can all mean that you have a good advantage when you use this marketing method. The articles in this section of our site will help you gain a better understanding not only of the various types of customer reviews out there, but also where they best fit in.

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